The sky is the limit, but we are happy to lay out options to meet your exact wants and needs. Some homeowners want a combination of various fencing options to meet their goals.

Pipe Fencing

Pipe fencing is the cream-of-the-crop for your livestock and commercial needs. Its rustic look pairs with its strength, safety and longevity to be our most highly recommended fencing option. Depending on your needs, we can install pipe fencing with three to five rails, either saddling the pipe in or mounting it along side each post. With the pipe welded in place, this fence will out-last any other option. It’s ideal for entryways, arenas, runs, pens and even large acreage. Pipe fencing pairs nicely with cable as a cost-saving alternative for larger areas, as well as cedar planks for a higher-end, custom look. Some homeowners choose to pair pipe fencing with horse wire or mesh fencing for added security.

Continuous Fencing

Similar to pipe fencing, continuous fencing is a sturdy option for your livestock. The 20-foot panels come in four, five or six rails and are generally mounted on pipe posts. The labor goes faster with continuous fencing, so its a cost-saving option for homeowners. It’s less sturdy than the 2 3/8-inch pipe fencing, but tougher than most everything else on the market.

Cedar Fencing

Cedar fencing is all about eye-appeal. Cedar fencing adds a rustic look to your home or horse property, but generally needs repaired or replaced more frequently than pipe or continuous fencing. Cedar pairs nicely with pipe fencing when used as planks in arenas, stalls or entryways. Cedar fencing is also a great option for backyard privacy fences.

Barbwire Fencing

Barbwire fencing is ideal for large acreage. It gets a bad rap because poorly installed and maintained barbwire can cause injury in livestock, but it’s a sound option and one that ranchers have relied on for centuries. The trick to a safe, sturdy barbwire fence is Shaffer Fencing’s welded pipe h-brace and corner braces that insure a tight stretch. Our Kencove Nitro post-pounder can quickly pound t-posts to cover large areas in no time.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing sure has taken off here in Colorado, particularly in small-acreage situations in residential areas. Horses can really put vinyl to the test, as its far less sturdy than pipe fencing, continuous fencing or even cedar fencing. It’s the most polished, finished look, but the upkeep is also the highest on vinyl. The white fencing shows dirt and anything from rocks to a playful colt can smash a hole in the fence or knock a rail down. One of the perks of vinyl fencing is the speed in which it can be installed, so if you’re into instant gratification, vinyl fencing might be for you.


This list is far from complete! These are just the biggies. We can use railroad ties, guard rails and more to make your property a custom homestead. Check out our Latest Work page to see all of the possibilities. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Don’t worry! Call Tory at 970-443-4059, and he’ll come take a look to make your fencing dreams come true.