continuous fencingFor your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: What does a fencing quote cost?

A: Nothing! We are happy to work around your schedule to meet with you at your property to talk through a variety of fencing options.

Q: What are some of the perks of pipe fencing?

A: Pipe fencing is the longest-lasting, safest fence on the market for your horse, cattle or other livestock. It’s ideal for all varieties of arenas, chutes, corrals and runs. Pipe is readily available, so when we sign a contract for a job, we will immediately stock the pipe needed so you don’t spend time waiting for materials to get your project underway.

Q: Can you paint pipe fencing?

A: You bet! We have a sprayer and charge by the job for that service. It can be included in the original quote or added on throughout the process. Paint will need to be maintained as years and weather wear on it, but we can paint it to match whatever features you’d like to highlight.

Q: What are the benefits of continuous fencing?

A: Continuous fencing provides a similar polished look to pipe fencing, and the cost is slightly lower because the installation is less labor-intensive. Metal, welded continuous fence panels and gates offer versatility, value and durability. As a low-maintenance option, continuous fence will last longer than wood or vinyl fencing while adding to the value of your farm or ranch. It’s available in various rail options to fit your particular needs, and we recommend the installation with a pipe top rail for a sturdier, more finished look.

Q: Can Shaffer Fencing use materials we already have to install our fencing?

A: Yes, and that’s a great option to save you money on material costs. We can even refer you to suppliers of pipe and continuous fence if you’d like to buy direct, though we sure don’t mind getting it for you and delivering it, either. And if you’ve got a stack of pipe that’s been sitting in your pasture just waiting for a job, that’s the best case scenario! We’re happy to talk through these options with you, but the short answer, of course–is YES. We can make it work.

Q: Do you still install wood fencing?

A: Of course! Cedar fencing, when well maintained, can be a high-end option that adds a rustic appeal to your property.

Q: How soon can you start?!

A: We usually schedule larger jobs two-to-three weeks out, but we fit smaller projects in as we can. Sometimes, the sooner the better. So make sure to call 970-443-4059 to get on the schedule as soon as possible. We don’t like to make you wait for our work, and we will do everything in our power to fit your job in immediately.

Q: Can you do barbwire fence, too?

A: Absolutely. Barbwire fencing is a great option for keeping your stock where they need to be. With our industry-leading fencing technology, we can fence large areas of barbwire in no time at all.