Sometimes, when we’re working on a fencing project, the homeowner will come outside to chat with us about what else they’re planning to do on their property. Such was the case last week when one property owner came to talk about the renovations and improvements they’ve been planning on their barn–and it just so happened we had some spare time that evening to help them with their work.


We went home after working on their entryway with some antique tractor seats the customer had picked up, and we began building some seating for around their barn. We used discs from a plow to create the base and some pipe we had laying around the shop to create a rustic yet polished look for around the barn.


When we were finished, we built some rope holders because God knows we love an organized tack room.


This was a fun way to improve these great customers’ facilities. Don’t be afraid to ask if you’ve got a lingering project around your place–we’d love to help and we don’t mind working in the shop after hours to help you out. Dream BIG because there’s a lot more we can do and we love a challenge.