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Announcing Better Business Bureau Accreditation

We’ve proudly been doing business for a year in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming, and we’re excited to announce that we are now accredited with the Better Business Bureau!  We look forward to your reviews on our new Better Business Bureau page. As always, please let us know if there’s anything at all we can do to better serve you.

Ropers’ Dream in Sedalia, Colo.

We’re lucky–our customers are often investing in both their livelihoods and their passions when they call us. That means they don’t settle, and, even more, they trust us to make their dreams come to life in big ways.

Our current customers in Sedalia are no exception. After putting in the hard work all his life, Jason is ready for the arena of his dreams in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. He chose Shaffer Fencing to build it because of our extensive experience in the team roping industry, trusting our knowledge to maximize every penny to insure his arena WORKS for him. He puts in long hours, and when he has free time to rope, he deserves an that is nothing but enjoyable. He’ll be able to spend his time in the saddle instead of hopping on and off to open gates, move steers and fight with chutes.

We can’t take credit for the view, but this place is going to be an unreal place to spin steers.



Fire Damage

The dry grass this fall led to a few big brush fires in our area, damaging pastures and fences to our east.

We’ve worked with insurance companies in the past and were able to navigate the rebuilding process for a few great clients.

One customer opted to replace her vinyl fencing with sturdy pipe, while another is choosing to rebuild in vinyl again.

We finished the first fire-related job with pipe last week. Here are the before shots.


And here’s how it turned out.


We’ll post photos of the new vinyl going in next week!

Arena Work

We finished up two big jobs in the last week, so today we took the chance to make some much-needed improvements on our own arena. We got some calves for our little girl, and we need to get our return alley and steer pen ready for them.

We start on another big project in Wellington at Leachman Cattle Co. on Monday, but just today, it sure felt great to get work done around here.

Merry Christmas from Shaffer Fencing!

We are working right up until the last minute when we board a flight to my family’s house for the holidays, but before we go we sure want to thank everyone who has made 2016 ah-mazing for our family business! You’ve all had great faith in us and we sure hope we’ve not let anyone down.

Tory and Brent are finishing up some work at Leachman Cattle–if you’ve not seen their new facility in Wellington and you’re in the market, you better check it out! They’ve got some outstanding bulls ready to help build your herd.

We’ll be back in Southern Weld County after the new year and look forward to serving you wherever you are. Don’t be afraid to call–we’ll be back in town Dec. 26 and ready to bid jobs right away, scheduling for mid-January on out! If you’ve got a project that’s been lingering, don’t wait! Get on our books for the busy spring rush. 970-443-4059 or

Colorado Loafing Sheds

We’re getting out of the weather so your livestock can, too.

Loafing ShedWe’ve been spending our weekends building loafing sheds in our shop, and we’re confident that our sheds are some of the toughest money can buy.

Some details:

  • We sell the sheds customized, built to your exact size and color specifications.
  • We are able to build them any length by hauling in pieces and welding them together on-site.
  • For legal hauling purposes, we can only build sheds 10-feet in depth. If you’d like to arrange your own delivery, we’ll build them as wide as you’d like.
  • If you’d like to save some money, we can build the frame and you can side the shed as you like.
  • Frame only runs $10 per square foot.
  • Finished shed runs $22.50 per square foot.
  • Delivery charges vary based on location.
  • We line the shed halfway up with plywood, and if requested can coat the plywood with used motor oil if you’ve got an animal who would find plywood tasty.
  • If you have a large property and need multiple sheds, we will negotiate a discounted price.

We’re building these on nights and weekends when we aren’t on the job somewhere, so do let us know if you need one to get on the list. There’s a three-day turn around generally on them, give or take a few days depending on what else we have going.

Give us a call to discuss your needs: 970-443-4059.

Thanks, Leachman Cattle!

We’ve spent a considerable amount of time in Wellington, Colo., with Leachman Cattle of Colorado at their bull facility. It’s amazing to see the work they’re doing breeding top quality Angus cattle.

We helped to improve their facility with better breeding chutes for bull collection. We turned an old sale ring into a labyrinth of pipe that will improve the efficiency of the facility by leaps and bounds, and we look forward to the work we have on the books for them going forward.


We Recommend…

14368664_1204894872882435_5316360237318257456_nJust wanted to point those of you on the Western slope to my cousin’s business, QC Custom Welding, doing the same sort of work we’re doing west of the Continental Divide. Tyler and I started our fencing businesses around the same time, and we confer on a lot of our work. He’s based in Fruita, Colo., and the work he does is exceptional, particularly with pipe, continuous fence and entryways.


Mountain Arena, Custom Branded Gates and Baby Bidding


Elise Lee Shaffer helping to write job bids this morning.

We’re starting into a new week of bidding jobs and prepping to start our next big job in Northern Colorado. These past few months have been really interesting–it seems every project we’ve worked on has been completely different than the previous job, and the last week has been no exception.

We worked with a client in Woodland Park last week who wanted to build a cutting arena on some ground they’d already had cleared and leveled. In order to cut their costs, they asked us to pound the posts, install the top rail and build the four-rail pens for their cattle.



14485109_786149764822084_276952453121201829_n We built the gates for the arena and pens yesterday as well, and we’ll be installing them Wednesday. This customer plans to add wood planking to the top rail and posts we installed, and it’s going to look really, really sharp when it’s all completed. They’re racing the snow in the mountains, and we were able to get the job done in plenty of time to avoid hitting bad weather. Not to mention we got to enjoy the cool mountain air–a stark comparison to the 90-plus degree heat we welded in most of the summer (not that we’re complaining). The aspens were changing and it was really just a great place to work.


I wanted to mention a new service we’re offering. We can now build custom brand plates to add to your gates. They add an extra something to your arena, pasture or entrance way, and they’re really affordable. Feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email to add it to your order.



Panel Tear Down, Dirt Work and More

Thankfully we’ve been close to home with some great jobs these last two weeks–and that’s been critical, because, well, we’ve had some changes at Shaffer Fencing. If you’ve seen our Facebook page lately, you’ll know we added a new member to our crew–Ms. Elise Lee Shaffer checked in at 3:06 p.m. on September 5. She weighed in at 7 lb. 10 oz., and she’s been a blast to have around and we’re so fortunate we have a healthy, hungry(!), happy baby girl

.Elise Lee Shaffer

We’ve been able to work at jobs in Fort Lupton while she’s been getting settled in here. We tore out some panels at a great returning customer’s place and replaced them with pipe fencing. That’s always one of our favorite projects because it makes such a huge difference to a customer’s property value from the get-go, and it really changes the eye-appeal of a place. Can’t go wrong with pipe fence, really truly.

Pipe Fencing Install

Pipe Fencing Install Shaffer Fencing

Pipe Fencing Installation Shaffer Fencing

Final pipe fencing installation

We also worked on a property in Fort Lupton that needed some old wire fence torn out and replaced, a new driveway installed and a new pasture fenced. Check it out.





We’ve had the best customers, and we’re so grateful to live where people want great fence! Can’t wait to show you what we’re working on next! We will be booking throughout the winter, so if you’ve got a job that’s been lingering, give us a call or shoot us a text: 970-443-4059.


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