We’re lucky–our customers are often investing in both their livelihoods and their passions when they call us. That means they don’t settle, and, even more, they trust us to make their dreams come to life in big ways.

Our current customers in Sedalia are no exception. After putting in the hard work all his life, Jason is ready for the arena of his dreams in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. He chose¬†Shaffer Fencing to build it because of our extensive experience in the team roping industry, trusting our knowledge to maximize every penny to insure his arena WORKS for him. He puts in long hours, and when he has free time to rope, he deserves an that is nothing but enjoyable. He’ll be able to spend his time in the saddle instead of hopping on and off to open gates, move steers and fight with chutes.

We can’t take credit for the view, but this place is going to be an unreal place to spin steers.