We are working right up until the last minute when we board a flight to my family’s house for the holidays, but before we go we sure want to thank everyone who has made 2016 ah-mazing for our family business! You’ve all had great faith in us and we sure hope we’ve not let anyone down.

Tory and Brent are finishing up some work at Leachman Cattle–if you’ve not seen their new facility in Wellington and you’re in the market, you better check it out! They’ve got some outstanding bulls ready to help build your herd.

We’ll be back in Southern Weld County after the new year and look forward to serving you wherever you are. Don’t be afraid to call–we’ll be back in town Dec. 26 and ready to bid jobs right away, scheduling for mid-January on out! If you’ve got a project that’s been lingering, don’t wait! Get on our books for the busy spring rush. 970-443-4059 or shaffer_t@hotmail.com