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Month: October 2016

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14368664_1204894872882435_5316360237318257456_nJust wanted to point those of you on the Western slope to my cousin’s business, QC Custom Welding, doing the same sort of work we’re doing west of the Continental Divide. Tyler and I started our fencing businesses around the same time, and we confer on a lot of our work. He’s based in Fruita, Colo., and the work he does is exceptional, particularly with pipe, continuous fence and entryways.


Mountain Arena, Custom Branded Gates and Baby Bidding


Elise Lee Shaffer helping to write job bids this morning.

We’re starting into a new week of bidding jobs and prepping to start our next big job in Northern Colorado. These past few months have been really interesting–it seems every project we’ve worked on has been completely different than the previous job, and the last week has been no exception.

We worked with a client in Woodland Park last week who wanted to build a cutting arena on some ground they’d already had cleared and leveled. In order to cut their costs, they asked us to pound the posts, install the top rail and build the four-rail pens for their cattle.



14485109_786149764822084_276952453121201829_n We built the gates for the arena and pens yesterday as well, and we’ll be installing them Wednesday. This customer plans to add wood planking to the top rail and posts we installed, and it’s going to look really, really sharp when it’s all completed. They’re racing the snow in the mountains, and we were able to get the job done in plenty of time to avoid hitting bad weather. Not to mention we got to enjoy the cool mountain air–a stark comparison to the 90-plus degree heat we welded in most of the summer (not that we’re complaining). The aspens were changing and it was really just a great place to work.


I wanted to mention a new service we’re offering. We can now build custom brand plates to add to your gates. They add an extra something to your arena, pasture or entrance way, and they’re really affordable. Feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email to add it to your order.



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