Thankfully we’ve been close to home with some great jobs these last two weeks–and that’s been critical, because, well,¬†we’ve had some changes at Shaffer Fencing. If you’ve seen our Facebook page lately, you’ll know we added a new member to our crew–Ms. Elise Lee Shaffer checked in at 3:06 p.m. on September 5. She weighed in at 7 lb. 10 oz., and she’s been a blast to have around and we’re so fortunate we have a healthy, hungry(!), happy baby girl

.Elise Lee Shaffer

We’ve been able to work at jobs in Fort Lupton while she’s been getting settled in here. We tore out some panels at a great returning customer’s place and replaced them with pipe fencing. That’s always one of our favorite projects because it makes such a huge difference to a customer’s property value from the get-go, and it really changes the eye-appeal of a place. Can’t go wrong with pipe fence, really truly.

Pipe Fencing Install

Pipe Fencing Install Shaffer Fencing

Pipe Fencing Installation Shaffer Fencing

Final pipe fencing installation

We also worked on a property in Fort Lupton that needed some old wire fence torn out and replaced, a new driveway installed and a new pasture fenced. Check it out.





We’ve had the best customers, and we’re so grateful to live where people want great fence! Can’t wait to show you what we’re working on next! We will be booking throughout the winter, so if you’ve got a job that’s been lingering, give us a call or shoot us a text: 970-443-4059.